Being chased down the hallway he could hear a screeching in his ears, beeping almost, like some kind of maniacal mechanical clock counting down to his doom. He kept running as fast as he was able, his mouth held wide open in terror and his skin sallowing as his energy began to deplete.

So fast he was nearly stumbling he rounded a corner and while he could still feel a dark presence behind him he dared not look back. Each step he took felt like he was slowing but he focused on the pulses of light illuminating from the spotty bulbs overhead casting pools along the forever stretching hall. Each dot of light drew him closer to yet another corner, away from the apparition pursuing him, and when forced to choose between bends he relied on his instincts alone to determine the correct path away from his ominous pursuer, and the others he knew were lurking.

Growing tired he felt a stitch in his side but couldn’t stop to regain his breath, focusing once more on the never ending trail of light ahead. Would he ever escape this god-forsaken maze? He couldn’t remember why he had entered in the first place.

Suddenly, it was over. The incessant ticking in his aching head faded and he took a brief respite to regain his energy. A pink and green object sat on a table at the end of a hall, before yet another turn, and it looked familiar yet completely out of place. Oddly, all his instincts told him to consume it. It must have been the lack of blood sugar, but despite reason he closed his eyes and bit in.

Immediately the world around him changed. The lights grew vivid. He could feel it. Now, the hunted had become the hunter.


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