To market.

The market was crowded and Henry had lost sight of Mona. She’d gone off to get a coffee from the stall by the door but he paced back and forth nearby craning his neck over the crowd, cursing the genetics that made him a head below them, and she was nowhere to be seen.

He waited another frustrating few minutes and shot her a text to meet him outside. His grilled cheese was getting cold and his iced tea was getting warm and he couldn’t wait any longer. The chill of the wind met him as he opened the heavy glass doors and he could feel his face flush pink instantly, but with another step outside he hit the sun and the elements cancelled each other out leaving him with a pleasant balanced feeling.

Flipping his sunglasses from atop his head to where they could actually do some good with the glare he staked out a spare table for them to enjoy their lunch and, finding none vacant, vulturishly watched a young trendy couple sipping green juices finishing up so he could take their place. When they left he rushed forward to claim the seats and shot the couple a disgusted look at realising they had left their dirty plates and cups behind when the bin was right next to them. He cleaned them up hurriedly and got himself a bit more worked up than necessary about how they could presume to move through the world that way, just assuming people would clean up after you. He had to hand it to them though, he’d done exactly what they wanted and they probably hadn’t even given it a second thought.

Finally, plate down on the table and tea leaving condensation rings on the wood, he bit into his lukewarm sandwich.


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