“I’m cold.” Geri said for the third time in an hour, loudly, as if expecting someone to do something about it.

“We’re all cold.” Sam spat back, not looking at her. She was shivering herself but she didn’t want to give Geri the satisfaction of seeing it bother her.

They’d been forced to retreat into the cave when the sky had unexpectedly opened up and their picnic blanket, along with everything on it, had been washed away. The weather was supposed to be sunny all weekend, that was why the three of them had driven out to the lake in the first place to spend the day walking the trails leisurely and stopping for a meticulously packed lunch of food each woman had tried to one up the others in making unnecessarily complex. They’d barely gotten into the dips, and hadn’t even unwrapped the focaccias, when the downpour had started and quicker than they could imagine. It had all turned soggy and the basket had filled with water as a small river emerged from the trees behind them and ran down the open field straight towards their meal.

It had been lucky there was shelter nearby at all and the three of them all shrank backwards as loud crack of thunder echoed around them. Kim reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She turned on the flashlight and stood up to take a better look around the cave. It was shallow, thankfully, and had a musty earthy smell to it from an accumulation of moss at the back. The dripping of the water through the cracks was amplified in the small space and furthering the tension they could all feel developing.

“We’ll have to run for it if it keeps up much longer.” Sam mused unenthusiastically.

“Not happening.”


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