At this time.

Cey opened the door the fridge and closed it again for the second time in half an hour. Her eyes searched the kitchen for anything she could conceivably snack on but nothing was drawing her attention. Her roommate had half a frozen pizza, she knew from her last unsuccessful foray into the kitchen, but she was too lazy to turn on the oven or find a pan.

The real problem wasn’t hunger, but a heavy dose of apprehension causing her to seek distraction. Exams had finished last week and Cey was awaiting an email with her final results, the results that would dictate whether she could accept her early acceptance into her postgrad and put off real work for another year or two. The next few years of her life were only a refresh away, and she couldn’t wait by the laptop anymore. She’d deleted the mail app from her phone entirely to avoid her fingers constantly reaching for it and making sure the only way she could check would be on the actual computer; at least one more barrier between her sanity and her account. But nothing was working. No matter how she tried to distract herself, her mind kept returning to the multitude of scenarios in which her life plans may about to be torn apart.

So far today Cey had cleaned the bathroom, washed her sheets, baked some muffins (who was she becoming?!) and half watched a movie while distractedly looking at nothing in particular on her phone. There was nothing else for it, she was going to have to resort to her least favourite activity. She was going to have to go for a run to get her mind off it. Disgusting.

Sports bra on, shoes laced, she refreshed one last time. And there it was.


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